Tuesday, 10 April 2007


I have been for a month! How remiss of me. in my defence, your honour, I've been rather busy getting of with the (excuse for a) life which I lead.

The job is going well (I think). It's really busy actually, and I am re-learning how to apologise for things not getting done to schedule (not my things not getting done, you understand, but orders at work not being fulfilled on time - something I have no control over seeing as I am no use at all with a hammer or jigsaw).

Sophie has been quite poorly over the last few weeks. First of all about 3 weeks ago she succumbed to a nasty throat virus which sent her temperature up to 105. After she got over that, last week she had a build up of fluid behind her ear drum which again caused her temperature to soar and caused her a lot of pain, and she ended up with a course of anti-biotics - and a follow up visit to the doctors in a couple of weeks time to check it out (she had the same problem last July and they want to check whether there is an underlying cause which needs looking into). That caused a few sleepless nights for her, and consequently me too, so autopilot mode kicked in for me and as a result of napping on the sofa, my back has gone into spasm. Not nice I can tell you.

I mean, I've had a recurring back problem for years, but it's not been too bad lately. I suppose 5 weeks of sitting at a desk for 5 hours a day and turning between the phone and the screen and the printer has added to it; topped off with the sofa as a bed for many hours last week, my back didn't really stand a chance.

A little bit of news from the weekend, is that we went to see Grandad on Sunday. For 103 years old, he's doing really well. He was thrilled to see the kids and flung his arms open to hug them when we walked into his room. He also returned the feeling by doing charcoal sketches of the kids in their own sketch boolks which they had taken to show him - they were so thrilled! Even at his age, the portraits were still recognisable as being the children, and considerably better than any efforts I could produce (and believe me you wouldn't want to see me try!). I will endeavour to scan then in and upload them, for you all to see.

I did take some photos of Grandad with the kids (I fear each time we go that it will be the last) but as yet I haven't uploaded them to the computer. I do, however, have a photo from this time last year when we visited, so I'll try to upload that. First time for everything!

Back to work tomorrow (I worked Good Friday and had today off instead) - and the kids are booked into the local out of school club. They're really looking forward to it. They ought to be - it's costing me more to send them there than I'm earning whilst at work. Good job the hours during term time are within school hours. Otherwise I'd be paying to work.

Right - I still have a card to make for a friend who is 40 on Thursday, so I really ought to be there doing that instead of here doing this. And I promise to try to be a little more productive and keep you informed.