Friday, 18 August 2006

I never said I'd be constant did I ? I'm not sure that having one of these blogs is such a good idea for me - I never was very good at keeping a proper diary - even way back when I would have had the time for such important things!

We're just over half way through the summer holidays and ...well...I'm still here anyway! For the first two weeks, the kids fought from the second they got up until the second they went to bed.

But last week I bought them some Hama beads (wonderful invention) and this week they bought themselves (yes - with their very own pennies) a craft set each. This craft set has now kept them quiet for 3 days - apart from them asking me to cut paper on my Rotatrim and make inserts for their cards. The final straw came when they asked me to print some labels off like my own for putting their details onto the back of their cards. "Make sure it has all my details on it" said James "including my e-mail address - so that people know how to contact me for more cards!".

With my luck he'll be making and selling more than me soon (although that wouldn't be difficult really - I haven't sold a huge amount lately!).

The weather that 'they' promised us in August hasn't materialised - in fact - it's downright dreadful. We had torrential rain yesterday - so much so that our sky box stopped working for about 2 hours! Shock Horror! The kids were distraught! Heaven forbid that they should only hvae 5 channels to chose from! Oh, and about 80 DVDs of course - one of which they did decide to watch in the end.

Gone are the halcion days of our childhoods where the only channels on our TV's were 1, 2 and 3 - and they weren't on all day long either (I dont think BBC2 started until about 4pm). And the only way to change channel was to get off your bum and press the button on the big wooden box yourself! (Or in my dear late mother's case, get one of the kids to do it for you! She was no fool!)

I promise to try harder to keep this blog updated, with all the news from my mundane little world.