Sunday, 11 March 2007

Flying visit

That's what my father and step-mother had today. They were travelling back from their week long holiday in Sidmouth (of the grounded container ship fame) when they decided to call and drop off the items they had bought from Lakeland for me (at my request). A Banana guard and a slicer gizmo to make sure even I can cut even slices from our home baked bread. So they stayed the grand total of 1/2 hour, drank a cup of coffee and managed to eat a hot crossed bun into the bargain. Not bad in 30 minutes flat! Still, it was nice to see them.

Michael is away [laying at being a bandsman for the day. His band have drawn to play last (12 of 12) and the band playing before them, is the same band (Desford Colliery Band) that 'people' thought should have trounced them last year (when Newstead won and Desford came 6th). So we'l see what delights this years contest brings. Results will be here once they've been announced later this evening.

In the meantime, I shall appease myself with the few bits and bobs I bought from a little jaunt earlier to The Range in Nottingham. Not as large as the other two 'Range' stores I've been to, but I did manage to get a 12x12 pad of glittery papers from DCWV (Pocket full of Posies). Lovely.

Friday, 9 March 2007


Can't believe it's over a week since I blogged! What a naughty girl I am.

I've completed my first week in my new job, and what can I say? What I don't know about rabbit hutches isn't worth knowing. Well, almost anyway.

It's actually fine. the boss is really nice and very approachable - good job really, because there's so much about the actual business that I just don't know. Still, I'm learning fast. Back for more next week. Got a living to earn now,

Michael has been at band for the best part of every evening this week, and tonight is no exception. And tomorrow, and finally the competition on Sunday. Defending champions they are, but probably not after Sunday. We'll see. Good luck to them anyway.

I finished the CJ which I had been ignoring for the last three weeks. I had lloads of seconds to spare before I caught the last post on Thursday afternoon. I do hope the glue was dry. Now I have the next one to do - Alison's 'Where in the world'. That should be fairly straight forward. I've only been to one vaguely interesting place, and that was almost 10 years ago. Only thing is, I haven't seen the photos since we moved house over 6 years ago. I daresay they are in the huge mess that is quaintly known as the loft.

Whilst Michael is tooting his horn at Band this evening, I need to make a 21st Birthday card for Michael's 'step' daughter Katie. As she is a massive Tigger fan then I won't have to think too hard about the theme. I normally make Tigger cards for little ones though - I wonder if it's appropriate to put Tigger next to a bottle of bubbly? I'll let you know how it turns out.

Sophie is swimming tomorrow morning, then MIchael is taking the kids to see his Mum, who we're hoping has come out of hospital today. I still don't think she should be coming straight home, but they are talking of gadgets and gizmos to make her more independant and there's even talk of benefits she may be intitled to to help pay for all the care she's going to need. then Michael is off to yet another rehearsal after which he will come to home to collapse. Then out earlyish on Sunday for the event itself.

Band widow yet again - good job black suits me.