Friday, 5 October 2007

The end of an era...

or at least, the end of my working career at Omega. Yep - that's it! Finito - Fine - The End.

Brian is winding up the company as of a week on Monday, and I got the offer of a fortnight temping at the company at which I used to work, so I've finished as at today. To be honest, there wouldn't be anything for me to do really, as I've spent this week making sure that everything is as up to date as it can be.

So I've started looking for another job and I've already sent off one application form, but I'm going to took into whether I can claim jobseeker's allowance. I've never been in a position to claim it before, and I'm not sure if my limited requirements for working will prohibit me from claiming.

We had a fun evening yesterday - at A&E! Michael twisted his ankle at work and so we ended up spending a couple of hours in casualty whilst we waited for the doctor to tell us it was 'probably' a pulled ligament on the underside of his foot. From coming home from work and not being able to put any weight on his foot, he almost skipped back to the car, He's had the day off work to be safe (The doctor did advise him to put his feet, or rather his foot up today), and I haven't seen him limp once.

Still, he's done all the washing for me. Good job really, as he's out with band tomorrow from 2.30 in the afternoon, right through to about 3 o'clock in the morning. His band are playing at the local Rotary's club's annual shin-dig in Southport (yes, Southport, near Liverpool).