Sunday, 30 March 2008

Photo frame

Almost finished the photo frame I've been altering (quite basic though - don't expect Elise Flanagan or anything). Just got to stick the embellishments on (they're all painted now) and then take a photo of the kids to go in it - I will show you the frame as soon as I've done it today though - the photo of the kids may take a little longer.

My niece's concert was good (although the choice of music wasn't exactly mainstream).

Be back later with the viola - as if by appeared!

Friday, 28 March 2008

On your marks...

Get work that is! Yep - had a phone call from my new boss this afternoon. They've finally traced the reference from my previous employer, and we've agreed a start date of 21st April. That gives me three weeks till lift off...and two of those are the school holidays. I am really quite looking forward to starting work in a large office again. Actually, this one is far larger than anywhere I've EVER worked before - the largest Bank branch was probably no more than 30 people when it was fully staffed, so with up to 500 people in this one, it will be a different kettle of fish altogether.

On a lighter note I've been playing my my new Cricut, but as I've only been 'practicing' I don't really have anything to share just yet. All in good time - I'm sure my first creation isn't far away.

We're off to see my niece tomorrow night - she's playing her final concerts this summer with the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra and we're off to see her at Sheffield City Hall. She's 21 in April so also she will soon be too old to participate. Which makes me feel VERY old (and lord knows how old my BIG sister feels [smiles]).

We've also confirmed that we're off to sunny Blackpool in May with DH's Brass Band just for a short weekend, but at least it won't be here (picture on right is from when they played at the National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2006 - DH is furthest left - 2nd row up) .

Thursday, 27 March 2008


I should have made it back on here last night, but alas I was far too tired (and then didn't sleep well at all - what's that all about? I normally sleep very well).

Anyway, the Cricut DID arrive yesterday - at about 5.15pm just as I was getting ready to take James swimming (I couldn't believe it...and the delivery guy wasn't too happy - I wasn't his last drop either). I took the manual to swimming with me and had a little read, and then came home and had a little play on the Design Studio later on (then came the restless sleep bit).

Soooo today I've started having a proper play - and WOW am I impressed! I do wish I could have gone for the expression, but it would have been a few months before I had got the rest of the money together for it, and I really didn't want to wait any longer - isn't 8 months long enough?

I've been on the blogs which have the templates that other (much more competant and preficient) users of Cricuts have made and posted for all to share. I made one of those cards with Happy and Birthday around the edges - only problem is the card is quite small because of the cutting area of the small bug. I will ahve to try to find a way to turn it all sideways and just cut the front out, so I can stick it onto another larger card.

I also got my order from Oh My Crafts - two sets of the cuttlebug combos - the presents and the build a flower one. Haven't had chance to play with those yet - a job for tomorrow. I need to get making cards soon as I have LOADS of bithdays in April, and also one for February that I have forgotten, and now it is so late it deserves something fabulous. Which brings me back around to tardy, which is an appropriate place to end for tonight (have to go and watch Ashes to Ashes anyway - there's something about Philip Glenister that I just can't put my finger on).

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Quick post for now (but may be back later) because I want to show you a picture of my latest candle with 'bling'.
I am really quite pleased with this one - I used Cosmobella (I think) and wrapped some Papermania ribbon around the bottom (stuck on with DST) and then added some hot fix crystals to the ribbon and the candle itself. There are three Bella images going around the candle too.
Might try some more, but need to go and get some more candles first.
The Cricut which I ordered yesterday from Cutting Edge Crafts hasn't made an appearance today, so fingers crossed for tomorrow. I have, however, received the Design Studio software from Sirstampalot, and the little tiny order which I placed at Craftsulove (would have been rude not to when they had free p&p). I did originally order it from Sirstampalot, but alas they didn't actually have them in stock, so the very nice owner, Janice, gracefully offered me a refund of the machine so I could buy it elsewhere.
I am so into crafting again at the moment that I can't wait for it to appear! I hope it's everything I expect it to be - and more!
Off to take James swimming soon, so I'll try to get back later with the rest of my news.

Friday, 21 March 2008

It's Friday - Good!

Not much to report today - still sorting my dining room, although DH did put my shelves up last night, so getting there little by little.

I *think* I've finially decided that I'll buy a small Cricut and the design studio cartridge from Sir Stampalot. I'm just not sure that I'll need the big one as I don't really scrapbook, so I can't justify buying the Expression. That said, if I find I'm using it a lot, I can always upgrade once we have some funds to do so in a few months.

So I'm off to order it in a mo - I am also going to order a couple of cartridges from a site I've found in the USA as they have most of them on offer this weekend. So for now I'm off to peruse and decide which two to go for (although they haven't got the disney ones on offer so it will just be a couple of the older standard ones for now - got to find my feet after all!).

Didn't tell you that Sophie lost another tooth this week - which now means she has her four top teeth all missing. She looks a right one I can tell you.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Pedantic? Moi?

Oh, and just a quick one - I saw a really posh signwritten expensive sign over a new shop in our village the other day (I must stop the car and photograph it to show you).

It says something like:

A taste sensation

I ask you - you'd think somebody would have pointed it out wouldn't you? Doorstep Sandwich's what?

And there's more...

Well, I'm trying to make the most of the time I have to myself before I start work (no, I haven't got a date yet, but I did ring to chase them up yesterday because as far as I know they now have all the information they need ) so I made a couple more candles last night. When I say made... I don't, of course, mean made - I mean decorated. I really should be careful what I type eh?

Anyway - here they are:

Photobucket Photobucket

My Bind-It-All which I ordered in a moment of weakness on Tuesday evening has just arrived too - so as well as candle decorating, I now have books to make! Isn't DH going to be pleased this weekend?

We are toying with the idea of going to see my Grandad tomorrow - he is now 104 years old, and realistically isn't going to be around for ever. Once I start work, I'm not sure when we are going to get another chance, but as my Aunty that we normally visit on the same day is away on holiday at the moment, it's a long way to travel just to visit him for 1½ hours (2½ hours in the car each way).

I'll make a decision later on. Sophie is at her friend's house for tea, and James has choir after school, which should have meant that I have some extra time to myself this afternoon, but Sophie's school has decided that they're having a table-top book sale, and also selling off some stationery items which they've been given.

I popped into the office this morning and saw them - they're gorgeous! They have sets of 3 Laura Ashley pens for 50p (rrp £3.99 at WHSmith) and also some Laura Ashley storage boxes also for 50p (which I think would look fab full of blossoms!), so I've agreed to pop in and collect Sophie's school bags and take some pennies to spend. THey have got kids stuff too - lovely girly door hangers and wipe clean weekly planner boards (kids ones), so I better get to the cash machine to draw out some dosh. Pictures to follow once I've bought them!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Wax lyrical

Finally I've got around to trying the candle thing that I've seen so many other people try - the one where you transfer a stamped image onto a plain candle.

Well, here is my effort - this is actually one candle with two images on it, but I've bought 4 of these candles altogether to practice on. I think next time I'll get the larger (taller) candles, as I haven't got many stamps this small (the candle is only approx. 3 inches tall).

What do you think ? Success?



I will post the images of the dining room soon, but I'm waiting for the room to be finished before I do (and DH has some shelves to put up for me - I think he's trying to avoid the job - naughty naughty).

I also got my huge set of Prismacolor pencils yesterday (thanks to everybody on UKS who recommended to get an automatic sharpener - it was a really quick job and no blisters to sharpen them all).

Also, after my successful listings on ebay, I have to go and wrap some parcels up (the rest were posted yesterday). I now have money sitting in my Paypal account and I can't decide what to spend it on (saving isn't in my vocabulary).

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A little bit lax

Is what I've been lately. I have much to tell, and so little time.

The main news is that I got myself a job! I went for an interview at Nottinghamshire County Council for a job as assistant administrator in the Finance Department, and I only went and got it. I'm still in shock, and this was last Tuesday!

The offer is subject to references and medical questionnaire, but as far as I know they will be fine. It's 26 hours per week, to be worked over 5 days (which suits me fine), and as long as I work the 'core hours (which I'm assuming are 10-2 ish) I can work flexi time and build up hours to take (eg for inset days). I'm really quite excited, as it should be a nice stable job, and the people I met seemed really nice.

As soon as I know when I start I'll update here.

I've ordered some Prismacolour pencils from the USA too - a sort of congratulations pressie from me to me on my new job. Actually I've got some stuff for sale on ebay which looks like it's going to cover the amount of the pencils, which would be great!

Dining room still isn't quite sorted, and we still have stuff all over the house, but bit by bit it's getting there. My only worry now is that I'm going to be really organised and have no time left to craft once I start my new job. Hmmmm - might have to make a concerted effort to make some time to craft.

Got to go now and I mustn't make the kiddies late for school. I'm also going to have a trial run this morning, to see what time I can get to where my new office is (to see if I can make it there by 9am).

p.s. I still have some pictures of the dining room to post - I will get there in the end!