Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Tum te tum

Well, I still haven't managed to gain any employment, despite getting down to the last two for one of the jobs I've been interviewed for. On the positive side (I really am trying to see a positive side) she did say that if there had been two positions they would have offered me a job, and she wants to keep my details on hand for when their next suitable position comes up. Sounds very positive, yes? Sadly the next suitable position could be months away.

On the flip side of this, I am finding myself with days to fill. I am not, however, actually achieving anything in these extra hours. I have every good intention of sorting the house out, listing every excess item on ebay, making 1001 cards (birthday, Christmas, BELATED birthday too of course, seeing as I've missed more birthdays than I've remembered this year). - yet I haven't managed to actually get any of these things done.

I even managed to waste a day by breaking down on a little jaunt to Nottingham last week, having to be towed home, and car repairs totalling £185. Could have been worse though, as apparently the engine may well have seized if I'd tried to start the car just one more time. not like me to have any 'good luck though (good luck is, of course, relative in this situation).

James came home from school yesterday with a letter stating that he has been chosen as part of a small group who are to organise a 'French week' within school. In order to do this, he needs to be arriving at school on a Thursday morning at the ungodly hour of 7.45am. Yes - that's quarter to eight in the morning. He promises that he will be able to get up and ready to be out at that time. Who is going to get me and Sophie ready and up and out at that time though??? Flipping ridiculous is what I say. I'm sure I'll be saying it a few more times tomorrow morning too (plus a few other choice words I suspect).

I really am going to have to get my bum into gear and make some cards today though - it's my niece's birthday tomorrow, and Michael's niece's birthday on Saturday, so that's at least two I need to do today. Add that to the 3 clipboards and the 2 CD clocks I'm already behind at making, and that should keep me busy for a few hours methinks.

Better get started then...