Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Tum te tum

Well, I still haven't managed to gain any employment, despite getting down to the last two for one of the jobs I've been interviewed for. On the positive side (I really am trying to see a positive side) she did say that if there had been two positions they would have offered me a job, and she wants to keep my details on hand for when their next suitable position comes up. Sounds very positive, yes? Sadly the next suitable position could be months away.

On the flip side of this, I am finding myself with days to fill. I am not, however, actually achieving anything in these extra hours. I have every good intention of sorting the house out, listing every excess item on ebay, making 1001 cards (birthday, Christmas, BELATED birthday too of course, seeing as I've missed more birthdays than I've remembered this year). - yet I haven't managed to actually get any of these things done.

I even managed to waste a day by breaking down on a little jaunt to Nottingham last week, having to be towed home, and car repairs totalling £185. Could have been worse though, as apparently the engine may well have seized if I'd tried to start the car just one more time. not like me to have any 'good luck though (good luck is, of course, relative in this situation).

James came home from school yesterday with a letter stating that he has been chosen as part of a small group who are to organise a 'French week' within school. In order to do this, he needs to be arriving at school on a Thursday morning at the ungodly hour of 7.45am. Yes - that's quarter to eight in the morning. He promises that he will be able to get up and ready to be out at that time. Who is going to get me and Sophie ready and up and out at that time though??? Flipping ridiculous is what I say. I'm sure I'll be saying it a few more times tomorrow morning too (plus a few other choice words I suspect).

I really am going to have to get my bum into gear and make some cards today though - it's my niece's birthday tomorrow, and Michael's niece's birthday on Saturday, so that's at least two I need to do today. Add that to the 3 clipboards and the 2 CD clocks I'm already behind at making, and that should keep me busy for a few hours methinks.

Better get started then...

Friday, 5 October 2007

The end of an era...

or at least, the end of my working career at Omega. Yep - that's it! Finito - Fine - The End.

Brian is winding up the company as of a week on Monday, and I got the offer of a fortnight temping at the company at which I used to work, so I've finished as at today. To be honest, there wouldn't be anything for me to do really, as I've spent this week making sure that everything is as up to date as it can be.

So I've started looking for another job and I've already sent off one application form, but I'm going to took into whether I can claim jobseeker's allowance. I've never been in a position to claim it before, and I'm not sure if my limited requirements for working will prohibit me from claiming.

We had a fun evening yesterday - at A&E! Michael twisted his ankle at work and so we ended up spending a couple of hours in casualty whilst we waited for the doctor to tell us it was 'probably' a pulled ligament on the underside of his foot. From coming home from work and not being able to put any weight on his foot, he almost skipped back to the car, He's had the day off work to be safe (The doctor did advise him to put his feet, or rather his foot up today), and I haven't seen him limp once.

Still, he's done all the washing for me. Good job really, as he's out with band tomorrow from 2.30 in the afternoon, right through to about 3 o'clock in the morning. His band are playing at the local Rotary's club's annual shin-dig in Southport (yes, Southport, near Liverpool).

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The saddest news

I haven't been here for months have I?

I don't really have any excuse except that I have been working and I'm so very tired at night that I haven't been doing much of anything really.

And now - the sad news that my Mother-in-law passed away on Sunday 9th September. For those of you that read this who know me well, you will realise that this is probably a blessed relief for her, as she has been ill for some time. She had Parkinson's disease, and over the last few years (and increasingly over the last months and weeks) had being losing her independence, and her ability to fend for herself with even the most mundane of tasks.

She hadn't for some time, for example, been able to dress or undress herself, or to wash. Recently, although she was able to make a cup of tea or coffee, she was unable to carry it into the lounge area as she needed the aid of a walking frame.

She was buried with her beloved Brian on Monday. A very emotional day for all of us.

Michael is devastated by his loss, as are the kids. I am too, of course, and at this time of year, at which I feel very vulnerable at the best of times, everything is hitting home hard.

I'm not going to dwell on it. Really - I'm not! It will be 20 years next Monday that Mum passed away, and whilst it is somewhat of a milestone, I am so determined that at last I am going to carry on as normal, not least for the sake of the family, who do not need to hear my woes when they are feeling their own loss so much.

I will think of Mum, and no doubt I will speak to my sister about it, but I'm not going to get all maudlin and moody. No sirrreeee.

I'm off now, as I have to get back in the swing of crafting, as there are rather a lot of birthdays and anniversaried approaching, and as I've been so dreadful at birthdays these last few months, I've run down my stock and I really need to get my bum into gear and get on with it!

So if Guy or Finnlay or George happen to pass by my blog, and you haven't yet received your birthday card, it's because I've been blogging on here whilst I should have been making your cards!
And a random photo from last year from when my friends took the kids conkering. James loved it (we still have a few conkers on the hearth as they are supposed to scare away spiders (it's the chestnut oil apparently!) - but they are losing their effectiveness. Might have to take the kids myself this time. Heaven forbid ;-)

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


I have been for a month! How remiss of me. in my defence, your honour, I've been rather busy getting of with the (excuse for a) life which I lead.

The job is going well (I think). It's really busy actually, and I am re-learning how to apologise for things not getting done to schedule (not my things not getting done, you understand, but orders at work not being fulfilled on time - something I have no control over seeing as I am no use at all with a hammer or jigsaw).

Sophie has been quite poorly over the last few weeks. First of all about 3 weeks ago she succumbed to a nasty throat virus which sent her temperature up to 105. After she got over that, last week she had a build up of fluid behind her ear drum which again caused her temperature to soar and caused her a lot of pain, and she ended up with a course of anti-biotics - and a follow up visit to the doctors in a couple of weeks time to check it out (she had the same problem last July and they want to check whether there is an underlying cause which needs looking into). That caused a few sleepless nights for her, and consequently me too, so autopilot mode kicked in for me and as a result of napping on the sofa, my back has gone into spasm. Not nice I can tell you.

I mean, I've had a recurring back problem for years, but it's not been too bad lately. I suppose 5 weeks of sitting at a desk for 5 hours a day and turning between the phone and the screen and the printer has added to it; topped off with the sofa as a bed for many hours last week, my back didn't really stand a chance.

A little bit of news from the weekend, is that we went to see Grandad on Sunday. For 103 years old, he's doing really well. He was thrilled to see the kids and flung his arms open to hug them when we walked into his room. He also returned the feeling by doing charcoal sketches of the kids in their own sketch boolks which they had taken to show him - they were so thrilled! Even at his age, the portraits were still recognisable as being the children, and considerably better than any efforts I could produce (and believe me you wouldn't want to see me try!). I will endeavour to scan then in and upload them, for you all to see.

I did take some photos of Grandad with the kids (I fear each time we go that it will be the last) but as yet I haven't uploaded them to the computer. I do, however, have a photo from this time last year when we visited, so I'll try to upload that. First time for everything!

Back to work tomorrow (I worked Good Friday and had today off instead) - and the kids are booked into the local out of school club. They're really looking forward to it. They ought to be - it's costing me more to send them there than I'm earning whilst at work. Good job the hours during term time are within school hours. Otherwise I'd be paying to work.

Right - I still have a card to make for a friend who is 40 on Thursday, so I really ought to be there doing that instead of here doing this. And I promise to try to be a little more productive and keep you informed.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Flying visit

That's what my father and step-mother had today. They were travelling back from their week long holiday in Sidmouth (of the grounded container ship fame) when they decided to call and drop off the items they had bought from Lakeland for me (at my request). A Banana guard and a slicer gizmo to make sure even I can cut even slices from our home baked bread. So they stayed the grand total of 1/2 hour, drank a cup of coffee and managed to eat a hot crossed bun into the bargain. Not bad in 30 minutes flat! Still, it was nice to see them.

Michael is away [laying at being a bandsman for the day. His band have drawn to play last (12 of 12) and the band playing before them, is the same band (Desford Colliery Band) that 'people' thought should have trounced them last year (when Newstead won and Desford came 6th). So we'l see what delights this years contest brings. Results will be here once they've been announced later this evening.

In the meantime, I shall appease myself with the few bits and bobs I bought from a little jaunt earlier to The Range in Nottingham. Not as large as the other two 'Range' stores I've been to, but I did manage to get a 12x12 pad of glittery papers from DCWV (Pocket full of Posies). Lovely.

Friday, 9 March 2007


Can't believe it's over a week since I blogged! What a naughty girl I am.

I've completed my first week in my new job, and what can I say? What I don't know about rabbit hutches isn't worth knowing. Well, almost anyway.

It's actually fine. the boss is really nice and very approachable - good job really, because there's so much about the actual business that I just don't know. Still, I'm learning fast. Back for more next week. Got a living to earn now,

Michael has been at band for the best part of every evening this week, and tonight is no exception. And tomorrow, and finally the competition on Sunday. Defending champions they are, but probably not after Sunday. We'll see. Good luck to them anyway.

I finished the CJ which I had been ignoring for the last three weeks. I had lloads of seconds to spare before I caught the last post on Thursday afternoon. I do hope the glue was dry. Now I have the next one to do - Alison's 'Where in the world'. That should be fairly straight forward. I've only been to one vaguely interesting place, and that was almost 10 years ago. Only thing is, I haven't seen the photos since we moved house over 6 years ago. I daresay they are in the huge mess that is quaintly known as the loft.

Whilst Michael is tooting his horn at Band this evening, I need to make a 21st Birthday card for Michael's 'step' daughter Katie. As she is a massive Tigger fan then I won't have to think too hard about the theme. I normally make Tigger cards for little ones though - I wonder if it's appropriate to put Tigger next to a bottle of bubbly? I'll let you know how it turns out.

Sophie is swimming tomorrow morning, then MIchael is taking the kids to see his Mum, who we're hoping has come out of hospital today. I still don't think she should be coming straight home, but they are talking of gadgets and gizmos to make her more independant and there's even talk of benefits she may be intitled to to help pay for all the care she's going to need. then Michael is off to yet another rehearsal after which he will come to home to collapse. Then out earlyish on Sunday for the event itself.

Band widow yet again - good job black suits me.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Learner no more!

Yey! Good news! My close friend Ann passed her driving test today. I won't say how many times she took it (partly becuase I lost count, and partly because it would be very rude of me), but it's fabulous news and I'm soooo chuffed for her!

I'm meeting my big sister tomorrow and I think we've decided we're going to Ikea. KInowing my sister she will be a terrible influence one me and I shall spend lots of money that I shouldn't (mainly due to the fact that i've not earned it yet). We might even squeeze in a trip to Home Bargains and Au Naturale. Seeing as they are next to Matalan and the big Poundstretcher (although I know it's not called Poundstretcher any more, but I can't remember for the life of me what its new name is). They, in turn, are just around the corner from Lidl and Aldi, so I'm guessing my poorly big toe won't be getting much rest tomorrow.

My sister used to work on a Thursday and a Friday morning at her local 'playgroup/preschool', but since the government moved the goalposts on what you have to do to work there (re hours worked and qualifications being done). Anyway, we were looking forward to spending some days together for the first time in many many years (without any kids in tow) and then I go and do the inconvenient thing of getting myself this job. How flipping annoying eh?

Still not done the ironing (oops) but it's only me that's going to suffer, as I made sure all the kids' school stuff and Michael's work stuff was done. So just muggins here that wil look like a tramp tomorrow. Nothing new there then.

Really will have to get some pictures on this laptop so I can bore you all rigid with those too. Maybe tomorrow? Don't hold your breath ;o)

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

All done.

Today's visits that is. I am now the proud (?) recipient of a 7 day course of anti-biotics (which the doctor fair encouraged me to take with alcohol, or at least so it seemed at the time), and a head of red-ish hair (albeit a little darker than I was wanting or expecting).Still, it won't come out in the wash - or on the pillow I hope.

Michael is now on the long slog up to the regional Brass Band competition in Burton-upon-Trent on 11th March. This is the same competition that last year they very unexpectedly won and gained a place in the National Brass Band Finals of Great Britain in the Royal Albert Hall last October (which in case you were wondering was the start of all my problems with my toe - the trip to London that is, not the qualification of said band).

Sold my Sizzix Sidekick tonight to my friend who already loves it. I haven't used it in about 2 years so best it gets some use and I get some cash. All the more to spend on Saturday.

Only [counts on fingers] 4 more sleeps! Yey!

I should be ironing, but I will leave that until tomorrow (mañana mañana). My dad gave me a postcard when I was about 18 - it said on it: 'Why do today what you can put of till tomorrow?'. I've lived by that ever since.

Monday, 26 February 2007

Bad News

Well, what can I say. Michael's Mum has contracted the C-Diff bug whilst in hospital. At least it explains the chronic diarrhea she's been having. But if they are saying that she has caught it since she was admitted this time (and they're not saying much at all!) why did she have this particular symptom when she was at home before she was admitted? It seems to me (and this is only a guess) that she may well have caught it the last time she was in, and with all their faffing around about whether she could/should return home or to a rehab centre it wasn't picked up upon.

And they say that hospitals are the safest place to be when you're ill? I think not.

The car has had its oil leak fixed again (or that's what they tell me), but sadly not the radio still. Looking into the cables for the aerial now - might need a new aerial altogether. Harumphhhh.

Got a visit to the doctor in the morning about my manky big toe nail, which appears to be detatching itself from the toe and bleeding a bit into the bargain. Yuch! And double yuch just for good measure. I can't imagine what they can do for me, other than remove the nail, which doesn't sound like a very pleasant option. Perhaps I'd better stop this self diagnosis malarkey and wait to hear what the doctor says.

Then I've got the hairdresser (Louise) coming at 11.30 to put some red(ish) low lights (is that the modern term for streaks?? LOL) through my mop. I'm so glad I've timed it this way - as it works out perfectly for attending the retreat on Saturday and starting my new job on Monday.

Speaking of the job, I'm getting quite nervous about it now it's getting nearer and nearer. can't do much about it for now, just make the most of this last week of freedom. Oh, and I've booked the kids in to the local out-of-school club for the three days we can't cover with holidays at Easter time. £30 a day for both of them, but that is from any time from 7.30am till 6.30pm. I might just ahve to take them in for breakfast and leave them till the end. Might take in a bit of shopping in the free hours. Only kidding :) (will take them after breakfast otherwise I'll be getting up too darn early too!)

Friday, 23 February 2007

Nothing doing

I rang to confirm that I would accept the job this morning, only to find the owner (my new boss) wasn't there. He did ring me back, and basically there's nothing I need to do except take my P45 in with me on the day I start. Only one more school week left, which means only 5 days of rest and relaxation. It also means 5 more days without being paid, so that's what I'll concentrate on.

Michael will probably go and see his mum in hospital tomorrow, although his Brass Band have called a rehearsal at 3.45 - I mean, what sort of a flipping time is that for a rehearsal?? Grrr. Mind you, you never know with that lot - they've booked a concert/job in Southport in October, for a Rotary Club International Event. Great venue for a band in Nottinghamshire to travel to. I might need an angel of mercy to break up the journey. Any takers??

Did I mention that after Sophie's visit to the opticians, she doesn't need glasses after all (she was very disappointed). Less hassle for me though, sorry to be so selfish.

Oh, and on a final note, James has had a horrid experience at school today. After telling me that the kids keep asking him if he likes ginger (due to the colour of his hair I presume), he went on to tell me that he had his worst lunch time ever. He was carried into the sports equipment shed and shut in by some year 4 kids (he's year 3). Luckily some of his classmates saw it happen and got him out fairly quickly. He went to a dinner lady and she took him to a teacher (the head was out) and she told the boys off and kept them inside.

I, however, am livid. I know the store room that James was shut in, and I thought it was locked with a padlock. Obviously not, at least not today anyway. I tried to ring the school at 4.10pm, but there was no answer. They will get a visit from me on Monday, and they will not be left in any doubt that I wnt the matter sorting so it can never happen again. It's just the kind of incident that could scar a child for life. I'm surprised he hasn't had a night terror tonight. Fingers crossed he takes it all in his stride. Poor lamb.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Flipping Heck!

It's mine! All mine! The job that is! What a shocker. I'm still in a state of shock. I can't even ring Michael to tell him becuase he's in some poxy meeting all day. I have, however, told my sister, my Dad, my friend Ruth (who gave me the nod about the job in the first place), Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Or not, as the case may be.

So that gives me about a week and a half of freedom left - I start on March 5th. In the meantime, I have 4 commissioned cards to make (which will be done over the weekend with no problem at all), and I suppose I ought to try and get the craft room sorted while I still have time to do it. I got a sample swatch of paper this morning too from paper2go - a new line of papers they're doing. It's actually from a new website, which I'll link to in a couple of days (need to check if I can make it publicly available). Anyway, it looks lovely, and I can't wait to have a little play. I'll put a piccie on here to show you when I've made something with them.

Right - I suppose I ought to start the big (early) spring clean so that the house doesn't suffer too much once I start work.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

No news good news, or so the saying goes. Not so sure myself, as I still haven't heard from the company I had the interview with. Only time will tell I suppose.

Well, we've had James' parents' evening tonight. what an eye opener - for the teacher that is. She was gobsmacked when we questioned if James was agressive at school, and couldn't believe it when we explained his reluctance for homework of any kind, his agression towards me and Michael, and especially Sophie, and his regular tantrums.

She is also going to look into the swimming lessons issue, and the fact that James seems to spend most of his spare time on his own, and often sits on his own on the school bus to swimming too. She said she will have a word with him tomorrow about whether he feels that the after school homework club would help him to concentrate and get work done.

Apart from our issues, her only issue was that he doesn't concentrate on his own work in class and is much more interested in what everybody else is doing. He is also on the 'gifted and talented' register because of his vocabulary and use of language (even if he doesn't manage to get in onto paper in the time provided). He has done VERY well in a music aural test, but with James' class teacher not being a musician, she is going to get the results explained to her in more detail and feed back to us soon,as she couldn't interpret them and tell us how well he had actually done!.

So, in summary, we had far more worries than her. Whew!

Not much else to report, other than I spent 3 hours yesterday tidying Sophie's bedroom so you can at least see her floor now. Sadly, it needs many more hours work before it is up to a normal standard of tidyness.

Will endeavour to post tomorrow, whether I have good news, bad news or no news. Please pray for the former.

Monday, 19 February 2007

Pancake Monday

Well, I'm not mucking about tomorrow when they've gone back to school and wound themselves up into a frenzy. Last time I made pancakes both of them decided after only one pancake each, that they didn't really like them and didn't want any more. Typical. Mind you, now James has decided he likes Yorkshire Puddings, and he knows that the mixture is the same, he might be a little more positive this time around.

So it's an early start tomorrow as they both go back to school. I should hear either tomorrow or Wednesday about the job I had the interview for last week. One way or the other I need to know, so I can start applying for the couple that were in the paper this week if I need to (one of them is term time only, but the closing date is Wednesday so I might be pushing it, unless I go tomorrow and pick up an application form in person?).

Michael's Mum was re-admitted to hospital last night, which doesn't bode well. In our opinion she should never had been allowed to come 'home' last time to live on her own again. Sheltered housing or no, it's obvious that it just isn't enough for her now. She is struggling to get in and out of bed (when Michael arrived yesterday afternoon at about 2pm, she said she'd been up since 11pm the night before and asked him to help her into bed, where she stayed the whole time he was there. Being a bloke, he didn't go inot the room to talk to her until he was ready to leave, and then it was only to ask whether he should lock the door and put the key through the letter box.)

Anyway, she's back in the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham now, and they've already given her a chest X-ray and done some preliminary tests. I got a phone call from the occupational therapist this morning asking how she's been over the last few days. As we live 25 miles away, I couldn't give her much information, and passed on the details of Michael's two sisters. Makes you wonder though doesn't it? If' they'd asked Joan herself, she would have told them that Michael would be at work!

Back to tea - pancakes will be served in approximately 40 minutes, mine with sugar and lemon (of course) and I've bought Maple syrup for the kids to have. I'm not taking bets on how many they will (or won't) eat, but I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I can.

Friday, 16 February 2007


Well, I must be, as I've offered to have my friend's daughter today. It's raining, the kids are already arguing, Sophie is playing up good and proper, and I've booked Sophie an appointment at the opticians this afternoon.

It would have been bad enough just taking Sophie with James in tow, but to have to drag the third child with me too? I must be completely bonkers. Time will tell this afternoon.

I didn't sleep much last night - too busy whittling about this job that I may or may not stand a chance of getting. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I tell myself that I can't do anything about it now, and Que Sera Sera etc etc, but my mind was working overtime none the less.

I thought I might try to get some crafing done today, but the way these girls are arguing every 30 seconds, I think my job today will be as chief mediator and fight-breaker-upper. Deep joy.

Hairdresser's coming this evening, so at least James' hair will look respectable when he goes back to school next week. I only wish I could say the same for Sophie. Her hair looks fine when she leaves the house, but even by the time she gets to school, she looks like a proper ragamuffin. It was OK until the hairdresser said I should stop putting in it pigtails every day, as it was breaking her hair in the same place each time and not doing it any favours. Plan B was just wearing an alice band, but Sophie's hair just goes static as it is so fine (bobble hats do nothing to help the situation either).

Hey ho - off to mediate I go....

Thursday, 15 February 2007

D day - or not

Well today was the day when I had my interview. It went as well as could be expected. I wasn't too nervous and I think I did quite well.

They will let me know by the middle of next week they say. They have 2 more people to interview and then a decision to make. I fear, however, that if they come across someone with previous bookkeeping experience then I may just be pipped to the post. I haven't done bookkeeping before, and although a large part of my job at the Bank involved balancing their internal accounts, I think they might be looking for someone a little more experienced. We'll see. Touch wood and all that.

The kids spent a wonderful couple of hours at my friend, Ann's house. James is even more set of having a PSP now as Jacob, Ann's son, has one. I've told him (James), that when he can afford to buy his own he is more than welcome.

Michael is at band tonight, so I might make some more toppers to put on ebay. I have quite a few watchers on the ones I have for sale at the moment. No bids yet though, as that's what counts. Incidentally, the potential job involves taking care of ebay sales for the company. That is one area where I may have impressed at least.

Anybody want to buy a rabbit hutch?

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Day three and counting...

We've just had a visit from my Dad and Lesley (his wife) - they came not just to see us, but to use the computer to check their bank accounts as their internet connection has gone for a burton.

Not much doing today. The kids made some bead type coaster thingies yesterday with our cheap 'Hama-type' beads, which are now duly ironed and being flung around the room as I type. We have to squeeze in a little trip up the road to the Co-op later as we've run out of a few bits (despite going to the largest Tesco in the area on Monday). Still, it breaks up the monotony I suppose.

I've been looking at Jennie's Circle Journal again this morning, wondering what on earth I'm going to do. I guess that taking a few snaps of the moggy might be a good place to start - maybe later on.

James wants to learn how to play chess, except I'm not sure that he really does. He bought the first issue in a series of a Harry Potter weekly magazine which is a "step by step learn to play chess" type thing. The real reason it found its way into the shopping trolley was that it came with a magnetic wand and a magnetic chess piece. He wants the next issue as it comes with the chess board itself, but at £3.99 a pop I'm sure the novelty of parting with his own money will soon wear off. With 32 chess pieces to collect, it's not going to gome cheap is it?

Anyway, I suppose I ought to feed them soon, and then there's the not inconsiderable task of sorting out Sophie's bedroom. Trouble is - where to start? Might even be better off doing it on my own when she's back at school, so she can't stick her two-penneth and try to stop me getting rid of things. I need to give it some more thought.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Verdict

Forgot to mention I have been glued to this program for the last couple of nights - I find it fascinating viewing and will be tuning in tonight once more as the defendants take to the witness box.


Day two...and good news!

The phone rang this morning. Shock horror! No, but really - I nearly didn't answer it - I couldn't imagine who I could want to talk to who has a phone number I didn't recognise (the joys of caller display).

But answer it I did, and boy am I glad. I've now got an interview on Thursday morning at 11am for the job I mentioned in an earlier post (at the wood design company). I honestly thought it wasn't going to come to anything, but I'vebeen proved wrong. Now I just have the small matter of finding someone to look after the children for a couple of hours on Thursday, and making myself look half decent and presentable in less than 48 hours. Why oh why does the hairdresser have to be coming on Friday and not tomorrow?

On a lighter note, I've finished reading yet another Erica James book this morning. I did manage to pick up another 3 in Tesco's and Asda's yesterday though, so I won't be going short of reading matter any time in the near future. I should, however, be cleaning and tidying and sorting out the excess stuff in this house, and getting rid of it one way or another (eBay, Charity Shop or to the tip). I keep meaning to register with freecycle, but still haven't got around to it. One day maybe....

Monday, 12 February 2007

Day One

So here we are on the first official day of helf term. Except it can't be half term, as school now has 6 terms (Autumn 1&2, Spring 1&2 and Summer 1&2). So let me rephrase that statement. Here we are in the break between Spring terms 1&2. Bah!

The kids were up well before me (I don't see why late mornings should be reserved for them, do you?), but they eventually got me out of bed just to stop them bickering and fighting. I can see this week is going to be a pleasure.

I haven't got anything planned and set in stone as it were, but I thought I might take them to the cinema to see either Arthur and the Invisibles or Charlottes Web. We'll have to see what the week brings (and what funds are available).

This morning I want to see if I can get some more toppers made to sell on eBay, but this afternoon will have to be devoted to either ironing or tidying Sophie's bedroom. Sophie's bedroom is soooo bad you can hardly see 1/4 of the floor space in there. If I'm feeling brave I might even take some before and after photo's.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Once in a while

you have to let your hair down. And for me, tonight is the night. I haven't had a drink since New Year's Eve (when I polished off a bottle of Chardonnay on my lonesome as DH sat and drank beer/snored his way though the TV celebrations).

I've drunk the best part of another bottle of Chardonnay this evening. (aside: why do we call it the best part? All of it tastes lovely so why should the beginning be better than the end??). I don't really know why, but I don't have to get up terribly early tomorrow, and the darling children have broken up for half term now, so I thought "why not"? I've got plenty to drink and DH doesn't like wine (unless there's nothing else on offer of course), so here I am. Slightly less pedantic than usual (only because the screen keeps going in and out of focus).

I had a visit from my friend Jennie today. She brought me her lovely circle journal, which I have to complete in the next 4 weeks (ish). In that time, I think I may have to try to persuade Bonnie (my feline companion) to pose for a few mug shots. I've got two chances on that score - Bob Hope and No hope. Still - a girl can try eh?

I was looking forward to having the children at home with me for a week, but the way James has taken to blatently disregarding any instructions I give him is going to make the week drag I fear. A long week awaits me.

Wish me luck.

Friday, 9 February 2007

So here it is...

My first picture on my blog (hopefully). It's a wedding card I made yesterday for the son of a friend in DH's Brass Band. It's got to make it there (London) by tomorrow so let's hope that the good old Royal Mail can do their jobs properly.

Instead of snow, we now have ice, as I predicted. Not just a smidgeon (sp) you understand, but probably only a slightly lesser amount than was needed to sink that boat - you know, the one Kate Winslett and Leo de Capwhatsit were on. And it's lethal. There is one road I traverse daily on my school jaunt which my car, or more precisely my car's brakes do not like. They lock. Almost always without fail when said road is slippery with water or ice.

This morning was no exception, except as I felt the ABS system kicking in and the familiar feeling of 'will I stop' glancing across my mind, I noticed a convoy of cars travelling along the road with which I was attempting to join. Uh - oh. At least acceleration wasn't a problem.

So next time someone pulls out in front of you with apparently no consideration, remember that they too may have a dodgy brake system which doesn't allow them to stop on that one particular road.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Snow and Slush

Or rather, snow, then slush. We started off with no snow at all when DH got up this morning. Then it started - at about 6.45 - and it came and it came. The schools were both open, so off went the kids, but I had to collect Sophie at about 1.30 as the school had taken the decision to close.

Strange really, as we now have a lot less snow than we did have (it stopped snowing before lunch - about 12ish), but the forecast is for more before the day is done, and as some of the teachers at the school travel across hill and dale to get there, I suppose it's right and proper that they are able to make it home safely.

And then there's the ice. I mean, it's not here yet, but it will come - and then we'll have a skating rink outside again, and I'll not be able to get the car out at all tomorrow (and some might say I shouldn't have done today, but there were important parcels to be posted ;)). With any luck the schools will close if it's no better tomorrow. Just as well I don't have that job anymore - it would have seriously got in the way today!

Monday, 5 February 2007


snot and more snot. And a severe lack of tissues. It's at times like these that I really wish my entrepreneurial side had invested in Kleenex in my youth.

I made some toppers today, and instead of using them on my own cards, I think I might try to sell them on eBay. There is one woman (at least I'm assuming it's a woman) that sells several every day and makes a pretty penny doing so. Mine are not dissimilar to hers, so here's hoping a little of her luck might rub off on me. Going to make some more tomorrow and then put them all on tomorrow evening.

Not much else to say today - I didn't go anywhere, I didn't do anything revolutionary, I haven't even bought anything online. I might rectify that last point in a minute though - I've put a couple of 2nd hand books on my watch list on eBay - by Erica James. Not rocket science, just well written English Chic-lit (as 'they' deem to call it these days). My dear mother would have loved her! Upmarket Mills and Boon I suppose, with a little more depth.

Which reminds me - my Mum used to borrow books from the library van every other Friday, and in the days when she was getting more and more ill, she used to send me on her behalf (when I wasn't at school). I could tell the books she had read (and we are talking purely Mills and Boons here, nothing else, no poor imitations accepted) she had initialled inside the front cover. I wonder if any of those books still exist?

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Well, here I am again as promised. I am going to really try hard to keep this thing up to date.

Today I finished my own circle journal pages so my CJ is now ready to start its tour around the UK on Thursday. I suppose I really ought to start thinking about the CJ that will drop on my doormat on Friday or Saturday, but I'm just so relieved that my own is finished that I'm going to have a break for a few days.

One day I will work out how to get pictures onto this thing, but today I'm posting from the laptop, which doesn't have many pictures on it anyway, so nothing to upload really.

Today I have a really snotty head cold. You know the sort - the ones that make you stop and blow your nose every two minutes before it drips onto your work. I'm sure if I was of the male species, it would be classed as being at the near 'death's door' stages of Man-Flu. Still, here I am braving it out whilst my better half is 'living it up' at his brass band rehearsal. He's not enjoying it at all at the moment. In his own words this afternoon, he admits he has never felt this negative about band for such a long period of time.

He will never give it up though, and I would never ask him to. Brass bands are where we met, and therefore I know just how important it is to him (regardless of how much he moans and whinges about it).

Anyway, I'm sure I have many other important things which I should be doing instead of sitting here on the sofa typing this post, and watching Coronation Street over the top of the screen.

Au revoir mes amis.

Thursday, 1 February 2007


Well, it's now February and I've decided to return. Since I last updated this, I found a job, and got made redundant after Christmas. So much for becoming financially stable.

However, I might have got myself an interview in the near future for a part time job in another local company (they make rabbit hutches and bird tables and such like). They are looking for someone to run thier office from 9.30 till 2.30 on weekdays.

Sounds perfect doesn't it? Highly unlikely that I'll get it, I suppose (got my glass well and truly half empty these days), but worth agood shot all the same.

My throat today feels as though I've been gargling with razor blades (not a bad trick if you can do it!). However, there are things to be done around here - not least making a birthday card for a children's party Sophie is attending this afternoon straight after school.

I'm taking part in a Circle Journal on The Craft Forum, and seriously wondering what on earth I've done. I've managed to cobble together some covers, and even done my sign in pages. I've done an introduction, but I think I need to change it. I also haven't a clue where to start on my own pages - and people keep telling me that doing my own pages will be the easy part!

Cripes - ever get the feeling that you've bitten off more than you can chew (as the actress said to the bishop)??

It'll all come out it the wash (yes Mother - I can hear you!)