Saturday, 22 November 2008

Christmas is coming...

Oh hecky thump! How on earth are the days passing so quickly? Since I last blogged I can't even remember what's happened. I know that Sophie was ill again, and James has been bullied at school (although I am quite satisfied with how it's being dealt with - so far!). I made the rest of the Christmas gifts that Emma at work had ordered, and also a birthday card for her Mum (shown below). I still have to make any impact on my Christmas cards though - I've made, like, 10 maybe? No flipping good at all, I can tell you.

The washing machine broke last night, so we're now £46 lighter, but at least it's fixed. Bloomin' good service from my repair man I can tell you!

Strictly will be on soon, and however controversial I may appear, I'm actually quite glad that John Sergeant is now gone.I am sad and disappointed that the public didn't vote him out, but nonetheless, I think the context will dramatically improve from now on in. I also received Tom Chamber's autograph this week (via my wonderful sister who works in the bank where his Dad banks, and who asked him on my behalf to get a personalised autograph off Tom when he saw him). It arrived on Tuesday, and the kids and I were whooping around the house for ages! LOL - big kid me or what?

Go Tom!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Study leave

I've been off work today with a day of study leave - I've actually used it properly too - I've been a good girl and written my first reflective account for my NVQ in business and Administration. Had a bit of a rum deal though - my lovely employer has registered with an NVQ help website so that we can log on and get tips and hints. However, when I did this, I tried to register for the level 3 NVQ, but it kept defaulting to the level 2 one. I e-mailed the website, and they replied to me saying that my employer had only purchased the level 2 one (bearing in mind that 90% of us are doing the level 3 NVQ in Bus and Admin - so I rang poor Charlie at work and she's e-mailed the woman who runs it all. We'll see if there's an explanation when I get into work tomorrow.

James has been fine today (although still quite pale) - eating properly though, and quite chirpy still, so I'm not really worried. He had a bad night last night though, and wet the bed for the first time in months. At least I was working at home so I could wash all the bedding and get it dry. Bless him.

I got 3 more orders for mini clipboards off the back of one I did for a girl at work, so I need to get those done soon, as well as the ironing that I've been putting off for days. I'll have to do it tomorrow, or we'll all be in out birthday suits before too long (not a pleasant thought for anybody!).

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Animal Magic

We've just come back from a school choir concert for James (it was called Animal Magic - just in case you're wondering) - it was quite eventful - he fainted half way through the last piece! He was on the front row of the choir, and we were sitting 3 or 4 rows back right at the side. We watched him get paler and paler and start to sway a little, then I dived out of the audience and up the side of the seats, and as I went forwards, his music teacher spotted me, then looked at James and ran forward to catch/lift him off the stage and sit him down. Phew! He had completely drained of colour and gone all clammy and I'm sure was about to topple over.
Funny thing is, he had done something similar earlier on in rehearsals, but had been fine after 10 minutes and a little sit down.
He's fine now we've got him home too, so not sure what that's all about. Perhaps it's his version of the bug that Sophie had over the weekend? He should hopefully be OK for school tomorrow - but if he isnt he can stop at home as I have a study day tomorrow (well, technically a half day study day and 1 1/2 hours of flexi to top the day up). I think he'll be OK though.

The sad news is that a local man who was found dead in the church yard at the weekend is the step-dad on one of the boys in James' class at school. We've known the fammily for about 5 years, and although I wouldn't call them friends, it really brings it home how sad these tragic events are - and you never think it will happen around here, so when it does it really comes as a shock.

Sad, sad times.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

That card

Sorry about the quality - I was in a rush on the morning I had to take it into work to be signed by everybody. For anybody that's wondering, Helen and her boyfriend Baz have a large German Shepherd (Baz is a security guard and 'Kato' is a trained guard dog). So whilst the card might have an odd picture for a leaving card, it was very appropriate, and very much appreciated by the lady in question).

Monday, 3 November 2008

Dead or alive?

If I have any loyal readers, you'll all be thinking I've deserted you by now, I'm sure. However, as you can see, that is not the case - it's just that sometimes you can be poddling through life merrily minding your own business, when things just seem to catch up and overtake you on the odd occasion. Nothing major, no traumatic events (thankfully), nothing special to write home about, just 'stuff'.

I'm doing my NVQ 3 at work (business and administration), and I worked full time last week as it was half term, and I like to get my money's worth out of the holiday club I use for the kids - add that to the fact that work will not only let me take flexi time (like today - for an inset day), but they'll also pay me for some of the extra hours I work. Thank god they will too, as Michael is now on flat pay with no travel expenses or overtime at all. This last month was the first 'flat monthly wage' he's received, and OMG was it a shock! So if I can get a few extra hours in and paid for, then I will! It all helps!

I also helped out at Shirley's annual jumble sale on Saturday in aid of Breast Cancer Research. As a survivor of Breast Cancer, Shirley has organised a jumble sale for the last few years, and we broke the record again this year by raising over £600. A long day (but a few perks by being able to have first pick - so the kids got a few bits - some Spongebob DVDs, some Dr Who action figures, Sophie got a little collection of photo frames, and I even got a couple of decent books to read - Autobiography from Gary Barlow, and a Biography of Ronnie Barker, and a couple of Joanne Harris novels too - and a few other odds and sods like note pads and a couple of tops for James for the future).

Well, I have only made one card lately (a leaving card for one of my dearest friends at work) and I did take a quick picture, but I haven't uploaded it to either computer or laptop yet - so that will follow as soon as I get get chance or have the inclination.

The only other point to note is that I had to get a man in last week - the laptop finally stopped working (and I tried and tried myself to get it connected again with no joy). It turned out that I had got too many spyware and such programs running and they all conflicted with each other and booted me off the Internet after being connected for only 2 or 3 minutes at a time. All sorted now, and he also sorted my wireless connection (made it secure after 2 years of it being unsecured) and also created my little network so I can see files on the PC from the laptop and vice versa, and I can also print from the laptop now, which I have never been able to figure out for myself! He was here about 2 hours, at least, and only charged me £35 for sorting it all out! What a bloke, and a serious bargain too!

Only 51 days to go until the fat man comes then? Trouble is, it looks like we might have to choose between presents and food this year - (well, not quite that bad) but seriously tightening of belts will be required!

And Tina - if you read this - more info please!!! It's killing me not knowing!