Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Working 9 to 5...

or rather 9.05 to 2.50, but that doesn't have quite such a good ring to it eh? Started work yesterday, and I rather think I'm going to enjoy it! I sit next to a girl who plays the drums - like me! I sit behind and across from two women who make cards - like me! My boss is addicted to ebay - like me!

Nice to have stuff in common with people :D

Will upload Dawn's 21st card (very basic) tonight, but I was really pleased with the frame I designed with the cricut and the Design Studio.

Also took some pictures this morning for the photo frame, so will upload my chosen picture later too (dashing off to a PTA meeting now).


Oh, and Tina - if you're reading this - I've been waiting until I was a tax payer again before I sponsor you [insert winkie type smiley here].


Saturday, 12 April 2008

At last

Here I am - not quite up to fighting fitness, but a darn sight better than I was (I've passed it onto DH - oh dear!).
So I need to catch up - here we go with DH's birthday cards.
From James:

From Sophie (she was determined it was going to have his age on!):
And finally from me:

And here's the card I managed to make for my Nephew - he is a staunch Man City fan (the logo is 3D decoupaged) - and he loved it:

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Normal Service

Will be resumed once I shake off this flipping cold. Will also photo the (very) quick cards which almost managed to make themselves for DH's birthday tomorrow (he's opened them already as he had to work tomorrow - awwww - but I will wait for daylight to take piccies - or at least reflection off the snow if it settles).


Saturday, 5 April 2008


...I'm under it. Feeling lousy I'm afraid.

James missed his first day off school in well over 2 years yesterday - he has the same cough/cold that I seem to have, although thankfully his is on the mend, and sadly mine is still spiralling down. I'm dog tired, but don't want to sleep as every time i lay down, I just cough up my guts. I've read 2 books in just over 2 days, and now have no new literature to get my hands on.

Got my two new cartridges from the US finally today (the ones I ordered when I ordered the Cricut) - Zooballoo and Doodlecharms. I helped Sophie make a card for Michael this morning. Just got to muster up the energy to make one from/with James, and of course one from me.

Sophie's already sealed the envelope for hers, so I'll have to post a piccie of it once he's opened it on Monday.

Going to go and try and get warm and comfy on the sofa without feeling the need to hack my innards out every 30 seconds.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Swiss dots

Here is a quick one for today - my friend Marie nonchalantly announced yesterday (whilst standing at the school gates) that she had got engaged on Friday. Well, I say announced...she actually shoved the massive rock on her left ring finger right under my nose! [smiles]

So I knocked up this card today for her - completely 'lifted' from a gallery which is absolutely full of fabulous cards. The Cuttlebug section of the gallery is
here, although you can get to the main menu by clicking on home from the top of the page. I even embossed the envelope to match [smug smiley here].

James went on a school trip today - to Eyam village (famous for being the village that contained the plague back in the 1600's) - Eyam is one of the villages that feeds the secondary school I went to - Lady Manners School in Bakewell. I wonder if any of my old friends still live there?

I must trawl through Friends Reunited again one day. Anyway - James seemed to like it (even if he did get ripped off in the museum shop when he bought a pen and pencil, and then didn't have enough money left for an ice cream - (all together now...) awwwwwww!)

Got to dash - not feeling 100% as I have a stinker of a cold and a rather irritating tickly cough to go with it - and a Governors' meeting to sit through later, so lots of minutes of meetings to print out and ponder over before I go.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Quick card

Here's my first proper card made with the Cricut - and one of my new Sugar Nellie stamps (Summer Nellie - complete with crocs). It's A5 in case you're wondering.

Got loads of cards to make for April so hopefully will be posting some more really soon. Got my new embossing folders to try out soon too.