Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Twittertastic baby!

Well then, now I'm getting over my intitial trepidation on Twitter, I'm finally getting the hang of it. After having joined in with a random tweet 'thing' from an Eddie Izzard namesake (heaven forbid I should suggest it isn't the real deal!) I've started randomly following people who amused me (and in many cases, they're only gone and started following me back!). It's making Twitter a more interesting place altogether. All: "It's making Twitter a more interesting place".

I do still follow the Frymeister, Schofe and others...but it kind of makes you realise that whilst these so-called celebs are interesting, there are loads of others out there with equally interesting things to say.

Come on over and join me... (I know, my user name isn't especially imaginative, but hey, any port in a storm!)

1 comment:

Craig said...

Yeah, you never know what sort of weirdo is going to start following you...