Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tish and piffle

You didn't really think I'd get it did you? After all the negative thoughts and self deprecation?

Well, I didn't get the job.

I was 'appointable' though - which is nice. Nice to know that I was good, but not quite good enough. Always a good ego-boost that one eh?

Anyway - can't stop to chat...I am working virtually full time this week, due to it being half term, and Michael being off on holiday (he's back at work after his op, but he has taken this week off in lieu of the week he didn't have as holiday at Easter).

Weight loss is now at approximately 2 and a half stones, just for the record. And I can now actually remove my wedding and engagement rings - for the first time in about 5 years. Nice to know that I won't be needing them to be cut off when my finger turns blue after all.

I haven't, by the way. Removed them, that is. I just can.


Bobs said...

Sorry you didn't get the job, Claire. Maybe something better is just waiting for you.

Well done on the weight loss! I wish I could get my arse in gear to do the same.


WeirdCat said...

Well done on the weight loss, bummer about the job

Tina said...

Hello skinny! Fab news about the weight loss!
Sorry about the job.....wonder what else Fate has planned for you instead?